1. Photo assistant needed in Calgary

    Can anyone recommend a photo assistant in Calgary? Dates are approx Oct 6-8th. email me info(at)grantharder.com


  2. "I was born in a teepee on a sandbar 11 miles up the Kingcome river on the west coast of British Columbia. It was the first treeplanting contract my parents were hired for, they were 19 and 20 years old at the time. My dad, Daniel James, delivered me into his dirty hands and my mother, Jenny, was back planting within a few days. Those were the days… "

    Check Nahanni Reforestation on kickstarter!


  3. Hong Kong, 2014. For AFAR. 


  4. Hong Kong, 2014. For AFAR. 


  5. Hong Kong, 2014. For AFAR.


  6. Johnson Chang, curator and dealer of Chinese contemporary art. Photographed at the Hanart TZ Gallery in Hong Kong. For AFAR. 


  7. Hong Kong streets. For AFAR. 


  8. 1/Hong Kong   2/HK artist Angela Su

    I spent 5 days crisscrossing Hong Kong documenting the city and it’s growing art scene. For AFAR and out now. 


  9. Ramón riding in the Andes of Argentina. For enRoute, 2014. 


  10. 1. Argentina   2. Manitoba

    3. France       4. Manitoba

    (Source: grantharder.com)


  11. New gallery up on the site. Argentina, Spain, France and Canada. 


  12. I’ll get out now. 

    Yukon, 2013


  13. Symmetricalizzzed.

    Manitoba, 2014


  14. Out now in Dwell, this Graypants designed “garage”. Part cabin. Part social gathering space. All awesome. 

    A few of the many interesting features include secret beds hidden in the floor, a giant sliding front door that is also a speakeasy bookshelf and a great view of the stars visible through the glass ceiling.