1. Symmetricalizzzed.

    Manitoba, 2014


  2. Out now in Dwell, this Graypants designed “garage”. Part cabin. Part social gathering space. All awesome. 

    A few of the many interesting features include secret beds hidden in the floor, a giant sliding front door that is also a speakeasy bookshelf and a great view of the stars visible through the glass ceiling.  



  4. Summer fun with upknorth


  5. Old Massett. Haida Gwaii, BC


  6. Todd White- resident of Old Massett, BC. 


  7. Old Massett, BC. 

    Within months, the project was derided as “rogue science” by Canada’s environment minister, and George was branded the “world’s first eco-vigilante.”

    Over a year ago Canadian Business Magazine sent me to Old Massett, on Haida Gwaii, to dig into the story of Paul George and his controversial dumping of 120 tonnes of iron in the Pacific ocean. The short of it is a deposit of iron will increase the growth of plankton which will then increase the number of salmon in future runs. Turns out there is no proof or guarantee that this will actually happen. Then there’s the part of the story of those involved thinking they would make a profit from selling carbon credits for said plankton growth. Unfortunately the Haida people of Old Massett may have been “sold a vacuum cleaner” and are on the hook for millions of dollars with the possibility of not ever seeing a return on their investment. The full story here


  8. Old Massett. Haida Gwaii, BC. 


  9. Vancouver, you have a way. 

    For Monocle. 


  10. Out now in Monocle - Vancouver- voted the most liveable city in the Americas.


  11. Out now in Monocle - Vancouver- voted the most liveable city in the Americas. 



  13. Small plane = big adventure


  14. Now that’s a front door. Kashgar, 2012. 


  15. I’m buyin’.

    Kashgar, 2012