1. Matt. 


  2. Gaucho light test. Argentina, 2014


  3. Paracas National Reserve - out now in New York Mag. 



  5. Brett Gundlock - El Pueblo 


  6. I met up with a buddy of mine visiting from Toronto yesterday- Brett Gundlock. He’s working on an ongoing project in Mexico called El Pueblo.
    "…the people of Cherán have controlled their own local police and government. Inspired by these actions, more then 30 neighbouring towns have taken the law into their own hands. The women of Cherán may have started Mexico’s next revolution”

  7. Foraged still life experiment 01


  8. Omer Arbel- designer, co-founder of Bocci and an all around good person to chat and shoot photos with. Have you seen his lighting? Amazing. 

    For The Wall Street Journal. 



  10. Paracas National Reserve, Peru. 


  11. Designer, Omer Arbel, for The Wall Street Journal. 


  12. Artist, Martha Sturdy, on her ranch in Pemberton and at her studio in Vancouver. For Montecristo Magazine. 


  13. Tibetan community. Yunnan Province, China. 


  14. My buddy Ola finally has a website


  15. I shot some photos with my little neighbour buddy, Ombu, yesterday and so she made this sweet portrait complete with a skipping rope, sun glasses, regular glasses and six interchangeable toques. She prefers pink. Obviously.